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Pinot Grigio


Dry white wine, floral bouquet 

Mist Di Greco


Semi-Dry, Cayuga & Seyval blend

Autumn Crush


Dry Apple & Pumpkin, fermented on hops for a unique palate experience

Hudson Harmony


Dry red wine made from a blend of 80% Blueberries & 20% Merlot

Cabernet Sauvignon


Dry red with good tannin structure, moderate acidity, & aromas of black currant, dark spices, & cedar wood.



Dry red, with plump, dark fruit flavors & smoky finish



Semi sweet red blend of Cabernet Franc and De Chaunac 



Semi Dry, pale pink, fruity blend of Vidal Blanc & Cabernet Franc



Semi-sweet, Cayuga & Vidal Blend

Joseph's Vintage


Late Harvest Riesling

Apple Wine


100% Apples grown in the Hudson Valley

Strawberry Wine


Made from 100% fresh Strawberries

Spiced Apple Wine


Tastes like Grandma's Apple Pie - 926 ml Mason Jar

Red Sangria


Enjoy our Red Sangria made fresh - 16 oz Glass To Go

Caramel Apple Sangria


Made fresh with our Autumn Crush Wine & Black Rum - 16 oz Glass To Go

Hot Mulled Wine


Made from our Embers, Cinnamon, Nutmeg & Winter Spices - 12 oz Cup To Go 

VIP Membership 


Membership Benefits Include:  *One case (12 bottles) of wine+, *Four free wine tastings, *15% off each additional case purchase throughout the membership year, and an *Invitation to a VIP Member only Luncheon. Members will be notified up to one week before new wines are released to the public.

+Wine included in membership are any bottles valued at $20 or less.  $21 and up wines are not included.

To place an order
Give us a call or send us an email

We will ship your wine via FedEx the next business day.  

*All orders within NYS usually take two business days to arrive* 
 *Weather and Holidays may affect the transit time*

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