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Aged in Stainless Steel. Full bodied.  Hints of tropical fruit & pineapple.           Glass: $8.50     Bottle: $18.50

Dry, Medium-bodied white with floral fruitiness. Grapefruit, citrus, & spicy finish.
    Glass: $10       Bottle: $25

Dry Apple & Pumpkin, fermented on hops for a unique palate experience 
      Glass: $6          Bottle: $17.50

Dry White, Cayuga & Seyval blend 
      Glass: $6          Bottle: $13.50

Full bodied white wine aged in American Oak. Rich & Creamy
      Glass: $8.50          Bottle: $22.50


# 6

 Dark, dry, full-bodied red wine. Aromas of dark cherries & chocolate. 
     Glass: $14      Bottle: $35

Dry red with good tannin structure, moderate acidity, & aromas of black currant, dark spices, & cedar wood.
  Glass: $12          Bottle: $26

Dry red wine made from a blend of 80% Blueberries & 20% Merlot
      Glass: $9          Bottle: $20


# 10

Semi sweet red blend of Cabernet Franc and De Chaunac 
      Glass: $8          Bottle: $17.50


# 11

Semi Dry, pale pink, fruity blend of Vidal Blanc & Cabernet Franc
      Glass: $6          Bottle: $13.50


# 12

Semi-sweet, Cayuga & Vidal Blend
      Glass: $6          Bottle: $16

Apple Wine 2021

# 15

100% Apples grown in the Hudson Valley
      Glass: $7          Bottle: $15

Made from 100% fresh Strawberries
      Glass: $8          Bottle: $16

Tastes like Grandma's Apple Pie
      Glass: $12        Bottle: $25

Made fresh with our Hudson Harmony Blueberry Merlot, Gold Rum, Orange Juice.  Topped with Lemon Lime Soda.
Available To Go or to enjoy at the winery. Not available for shipping.
      16 oz Glass:  $10     16 oz Mason Jar:  $14       32 oz Mason Jar: $20

Made fresh with our Spiced Apple Wine, Gold Rum, Caramel Liquor & Apple Cider.  Topped with Ginger Ale.
Available To Go or to enjoy at the winery. Not available for shipping.
   16 oz Glass: $12         16 oz Mason Jar: $16            32 oz Mason Jar: $24

Made fresh with our Mist di Greco, Gold Rum, Apple Cider & Cranberry Juice.  Topped with Sparkling Seltzer - Available To Go or to enjoy at the winery. Not available for shipping.
     16 oz Glass $12         16 oz Mason Jar: $16         32 oz Mason Jar: $24

NYS Craft Beer & Cider


Ask for daily selections
     Price ranges from $6 - $12


Membership Benefits Include:  *One case (12 bottles) of wine+, *Four free wine tastings, *15% off each additional case purchase throughout the membership year, and an *Invitation to a VIP Member only Luncheon. Members will be notified up to one week before new wines are released to the public.

+Wine included in membership are any bottles valued at $20 or less.  $21 and up wines are not included.

Must be 21+ 

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 Must be 21+ to consume or purchase any alcoholic beverage.

To place an order
Order online ,  call or send us an email

We will ship your wine via FedEx the next business day.  

*All orders within NYS usually take two business days to arrive* 
 *Weather and Holidays may affect the transit time*

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